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Thursday, July 5, 2012

4 Grades Of Tequila & What They Mean For Beginners

There are 4 most common types of Tequila and they are as follows:

1. Silver which is sometimes called Platinum or Blanco which is a young full bodied Tequila which is distilled and directly bottled with little or no aging and must be bottled in strict accordance of Mexican Government Standards as is all Tequila. Prices typically range from $18-$45 per 750 ML Bottle.

2. Reposado which by some is called Gold Tequila is an aged Tequila with Reposado meaning "Rested" in English. Typical aging time for Reposado is 6 months to 18 Months in oak or other similar wood type barrels which is where the coloring occurs. Certain brands of Non Pure Agave Tequila that adhere to the Minimum Standards of the 51/49 Rule which means a Tequila must contain a minimum of 51% Agave content to be legally called Tequila, expedite the coloring method with food coloring in the 49% other contents along with grain or sugar cane alcohol. This is why it is most important to only consume Pure 100% Agave Tequila as it is much more pure and you will surely get many less problems with a Hangover wit hthe good stuff. As you see in the above picture, that is a 3 Liter Bottle of Cabo Wabo Reposado 100% Pure Agave Tequila which is only available on a retail basis in Mexico for that size bottle. Prices Typically Range from $18-$70 per 750 ML Bottle with higher end brands such as Porfidio fetching in excess of $600 for the same size. 

3. Anejo or "Aged" Tequila isa Tequila that is aged for 18 to 48 Months in Cognac or other similar barrels making a very smooth Tequila that many describe as a fine sipping Schnapps or Cognac. This is not a Tequila to make Margaritas with as pricing averages in excess of $50 on average with some reaching $1000 per 750 ML bottle. A Great one to start with for those wanting the Anejo Experience without taking out a 2nd Mortgage on your Taco Stand is try Cabo Uno by Sammy Hagar's cabo Wabo Line which is delicious and is priced around the $250 Range when available.

4. Extra Anejo. The name speaks for itself, this is the ultra high line top shelf stuff where in price the sky is the limit and averages a 5 to 7 year aging process which is equal to the amount of time it takes an Agave Plant to Mature before harvest by the Jimadors.

In later entries I will discuss the other varities of Tequilas and do's and don'ts. I hope this information has been useful and please enjoy yourself responsibly.